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Phone cards / Tunisia
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conventional long form: Tunisian Republic
conventional short form: Tunisia
local short form: Tunis
local long form: Al Jumhuriyah at Tunisiyah
Prepaid Calling Cards / Tunisia

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Tunisia Phone Cards

Code of Tunisia +216

You can make cheap long distance call to Tunisia or any other country using our prepaid phone cards at extremely low rates.
Flag of Tunisia

Rates to Tunisia:

Phone cards to Tunisia

Australia - 56.2
Canada - 30.7
France - 56.2
Germany - 62.8
India - 112.0
Mexico - 35.0
Norway - 56.2
UK - 35.0
USA - 28.7
USA - Mobile - 28.7

Rates from Tunisia:

Phone cards from Tunisia

Location: Tunisia

34 00 N, 9 00 E

Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Libya

Main City Codes:

Agareb 4, Ariana 1, Beja 8, Ben Arous 1, Bizerte 2, Carthage 1, Chebba 4, Gabes 5, Gafsa 6, Haffouz 7, Hamman-Sousse 3, Kairouan 7, Kebili 5, Kef 8, Khenis 3, Jendouba 8, La Kef 8, Kairouan 7, Kasserine 7, Mahdia 3, Medenine 5, Monastir 3, Nabeul 2, Sfax 4, Sidi Bouzid 6, Siliana 8, Sousse 3, Tabarka 8, Tataouine 5, Tozeur 6, Tunis 1, Zaghouan 2,

Mobile Phone Codes:

Tunisia mobile codes 9

Communications: Tunisia

Prepaid phone cards to Libya Prepaid phone cards to Algeria Map of Tunisia
Telephones - main lines in use:
1.273 million (2007)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
7.842 million (2007)
Telephone system:
general assessment: above the African average and continuing to be upgraded; key centers are Sfax, Sousse, Bizerte, and Tunis; Internet access available
domestic: in an effort jumpstart expansion of the fixed-line network, the government has awarded a concession to build and operate a VSAT network with international connectivity; competition between the two mobile-cellular service providers has resulted in lower activation and usage charges and a strong surge in subscribership; expansion of mobile-cellular services to include multimedia messaging and e-mail and Internet to mobile phone services also leading to a surge in subscribership; overall fixed-line and mobile-cellular teledensity is about 90 telephones per 100 persons
international: 5 submarine cables; satellite earth stations - 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) and 1 Arabsat; coaxial cable and microwave radio relay to Algeria and Libya; participant in Medarabtel; two international gateway digital switches
Radio broadcast stations:
AM 7, FM 38, shortwave 2 (2007)
Television broadcast stations:
26 (plus 76 repeaters) (1995)
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
376 (2008)
Internet users:
1.722 million (2007)

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