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Phone cards / Libya
With our calling cards you can make a cheap long distance call to Libya.
Call to Libya just for $0.174
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Telephone rates are valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
conventional long form: Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
conventional short form: Libya
local long form: Al Jumahiriyah al Arabiyah al Libiyah ash Shabiyah al Ishtirakiyah al Uzma
Prepaid Calling Cards / Libya

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Libya Phone Cards

Code of Libya +212

You can make cheap long distance call to Libya or any other country using our prepaid phone cards at extremely low rates.
Flag of Libya

Rates to Libya:

Phone cards to Libya

Australia - 26.3
Canada - 18.8
France - 26.3
Germany - 26.3
India - 75.3
Mexico - 23.0
Norway - 26.5
UK - 20.2
USA - 17.8
USA - Mobile - 17.8

Rates from Libya:

Phone cards from Libya

Location: Libya

25 00 N, 17 00 E

Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Tunisia

Main City Codes:

Agelat 282, Benghazi 61, Benina 63, Derna 81, Misuratha 51, Sabratha 24, Sebha 71, Taigura 26, Tripoli 21, Tripoli International Airport 22, Zawai 23, Zuara 25

Mobile Phone Codes:

Libya mobile codes: 91

Communications: Libya

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Telephones - main lines in use:
852,300 (2005)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
4.5 million (2007)
Telephone system:
general assessment: telecommunications system is state-owned and service is poor, but investment is being made to upgrade; state retains monopoly in fixed-line services; mobile cellular telephone system became operational in 1996; multiple providers for a mobile telephone system that is growing rapidly; combined fixed line and mobile telephone density approached 90 telephones per 100 persons in 2007
domestic: microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, cellular, tropospheric scatter, and a domestic satellite system with 14 earth stations
international: country code - 218; satellite earth stations - 4 Intelsat, NA Arabsat, and NA Intersputnik; submarine cables to France and Italy; microwave radio relay to Tunisia and Egypt; tropospheric scatter to Greece; participant in Medarabtel (2007)
Radio broadcast stations:
AM 16, FM 3, shortwave 3 (2001)
Television broadcast stations:
12 (plus 1 repeater) (1999)
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
1 (2002)
Internet hosts:
31 (2008)
Internet users:
260,000 (2006)

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