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Phone cards / Greenland
With our calling cards you can make a cheap long distance call to Greenland.
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Telephone rates are valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
conventional short form: Greenland
local short form: Kalaallit Nunaat
Prepaid Calling Cards / Greenland

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Greenland Phone Cards

Code of Greenland +299

You can make cheap long distance call to Greenland or any other country using our prepaid phone cards at extremely low rates.
Flag of Greenland

Rates to Greenland:

Phone cards to Greenland

Australia - 40.2
Canada - 24.5
France - 40.2
Germany - 40.2
India - 89.2
Mexico - 24.5
Norway - 45.0
UK - 24.5
USA - 24.5
USA - Mobile - 24.5

Rates from Greenland:

Phone cards from Greenland

Location: Greenland

72 00 N, 40 00 W

Northern North America, island between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Canada

Main City Codes:

Aasiaat 89, Godthåb (Nuuk) 3, Illoqqortoormiut 99, Ilulissat 94, Ivittuut 691, Kangaatsiaq 87, Kangerlussuaq 84, Maniitsoq 81, Nanortalik 61, Narsaq 66, Paamiut 68, Qaanaaq 97, Qaqortoq 64, Qasigannguit 91, Qeqertasuaq 92, Sisimiut 86, Tasiilaq 98, Upernavik 96, Uummannaq 95

Mobile Phone Codes:

Greenland mobile codes 4, 5

Communications: Greenland

Prepaid phone cards to Canada Map of Greenland
Telephones - main lines in use:
36,000 (2006)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
66,400 (2007)
Telephone system:
general assessment: adequate domestic and international service provided by satellite, cables and microwave radio relay; totally digitalized in 1995
domestic: microwave radio relay and satellite
international: country code - 299; satellite earth stations - 12 Intelsat, 1 Eutelsat, 2 Americom GE-2 (all Atlantic Ocean) (2000)
Radio broadcast stations:
AM 5, FM 14, shortwave 0 (2008)
Television broadcast stations:
1 (plus some local low-power stations, and 3 Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) stations (1997)
Internet country code:
Internet hosts:
14,132 (2008)
Internet users:
52,000 (2007)

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