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Phone cards / Finland
With our calling cards you can make a cheap long distance call to Finland.
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conventional long form: Republic of Finland
conventional short form: Finland
local short form: Suomi
local long form: Suomen Tasavalta
Prepaid Calling Cards / Finland

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Finland Phone Cards

Code of Finland +358

You can make cheap long distance call to Finland or any other country using our prepaid phone cards at extremely low rates.
Flag of Finland

Rates to Finland:

Phone cards to Finland

Australia - 5.6
Canada - 2.7
France - 5.6
Germany - 5.6
India - 54.6
Mexico - 2.7
Norway - 10.4
UK - 2.7
USA - 2.7
USA - Mobile - 2.7

Rates from Finland:

Phone cards from Finland

Location: Finland

64 00 N, 26 00 E

Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Sweden and Russia

Main City Codes:

Äänekoski 14, Alajärvi 6, Alavus 6, Björneborg 2, Borgå 19, Ekenäs 19, Espoo-Esbo 9, Forssa 3, Haapajärvi 8, Hangö 19, Haukipudas 8, Heinola 3, Helsingfors 9, Helsinki 9, Hämeenlinna 3, Imatra 5, Jakobstad 6, Joensuu 13, Joutsa 14, Jyväskylä 14, Jämsä 14, Kajaani 8, Kankaanpää 2, Karleby 6, Kauhajoki 6, Kemi 16, Kemijärvi 16, Kemiö 2, Kempele 8, Keuruu 14, Kimito 2, Kokkola 6, Koski Hl 3, Koski Tl 2, Kotka 5, Kouvola 5, Kuopio 17, Kuusamo 8, Lahti 3, Lappeenranta 5, Lieksa 13, Lohja 19, Loimaa 2, Mariehamn 18, Mikkeli 15, Muonio 16, Orivesi 03, Oulu 8, Padasjoki 3, Parkano 3, Pieksämäki 15, Pori 2, Porvoo 19, Raahe 8, Rauma 2, Rovaniemi 16, Rouvesi 3, Saarijärvi 14, Savonlinna 15, Seinäjoki 6, Suonenjoki 17, Tammerfors 3, Tampere 3, Tavastehus 3, Tornio 16, Turku 2, Uleåbörg 8, Vaasa 6, Valkeakoski 3, Vammala 3, Vanda 9, Vantaa 9, Varkaus 17, Vasa 6, Ylivieska 8

Mobile Phone Codes:

Finland mobile codes 40, 49, 50

Communications: Finland

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Telephones - main lines in use:
1.74 million (2007)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
6.08 million (2007)
Telephone system:
general assessment: modern system with excellent service
domestic: digital fiber-optic fixed-line network and an extensive cellular network provide domestic needs
international: country code - 358; 1 submarine cable (Finland Estonia Connection); satellite earth stations - access to Intelsat transmission service via a Swedish satellite earth station, 1 Inmarsat (Atlantic and Indian Ocean regions); note - Finland shares the Inmarsat earth station with the other Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden)
Radio broadcast stations:
AM 2, FM 59, shortwave 2 (2008)
Television broadcast stations:
120 (plus 431 repeaters) (1999); note - On 1 September 2007, Finland began broadcasting all television signals digitally; analogue broadcasts via cable networks were discontinued 29 February 2008
Internet country code:
Internet hosts:
3.877 million (2008)
Internet users:
3.6 million (2007)

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