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Phone cards / Belarus
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conventional long form: Republic of Belarus
conventional short form: Belarus
local short form: Byelarus'
local long form: Respublika Byelarus'
Prepaid Calling Cards / Belarus

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Belarus Phone Cards

Code of Belarus +375

You can make cheap long distance call to Belarus or any other country using our prepaid phone cards at extremely low rates.
Flag of Belarus

Rates to Belarus:

Phone cards to Belarus

Australia - 31.8
Canada - 25.5
France - 31.8
Germany - 35.5
India - 84.5
Mexico - 27.5
Norway - 31.8
UK - 27.5
USA - 24.5
USA - Mobile - 24.5

Rates from Belarus:

Phone cards from Belarus

Location: Belarus

53 00 N, 28 00 E

Eastern Europe, east of Poland

Region (Oblast) Codes:

Brest Oblast 16, Vitebsk Oblast 21, Gomel Oblast 23, Grodno Oblast 15, Minsk Oblast 17, Mogilev Oblast 22

Main City Codes:

Baranovichi 163, Belunichi 2232, Berestovitsa 1511, Bereza 1643, Berezino 1715, Beshenkovichi 2131, Bobruysk 2251, Bobruysk 225, Borisov 1777, Bragin 2344, Braslav 2153, Brest 162, Buda-Koshelevo 2336, Buhov 2231, Chashniki 2133, Chausu 2242, Chechersk 2332, Cherikov 2243, Cherven 1714, Dobrush 2333, Dokshitsu 2157, Dribin 2248, Drogichin 1644, Dubrova 2137, Dyatlovo 1563, Dzerzhinsk 1716, Elsk 2354, Gancevichi 1646, Glubokoye 2156, Glusk 2230, Gomel 2322, Gorki 2233, Gorodok 2139, Grodno 1522, Grodno 152, Hotimsk 2247, Hoyniki 2346, Ivanovo 1652, Ivatsevichi 1645, Ivye 1595, Kalinkovichi 2345, Kamenets 1631, Kirovsk 2237, Kletsk 1793, Klichev 2236, Klimovichi 2244, Kobrin 1642, Kopul 1719, Korelichi 1596, Korma 2337, Kostyukovichi 2245, Krasnopolye 2238, Krichev 2241, Krugloye 2234, Krupki 1796, Lelchitsu 2356, Lepel 2132, Lida 1561, Liozno 2138, Loev 2347, Logoysk 1774, Luninets 1647, Lyahovichi 1633, Lyuban 1794, Malorita 1651, Maryina Gorka 1713, Minsk 17, Mioru 2152, Mogilev 222, Molodechno 1773, Mostu 1515, Mozur 2351, Mstislavl 2240, Myadel 1797, Naroch 1797, Narovlya 2355, Nesvizh 1770, Nobogrudok 1597, Novopolotsk 214, Oktyabrski 2357, Orsha 2161, Oshmyanu 1593, Osipovichi 2235, Ostrovets 1591, Petrikov 2350, Pinsk 165, Pleshchenitsu 1779, Polotsk 214, Postavu 2155, Pruzhanu 1632, Puhovichi 1713, Rechitsa 2340, Rogachev 2339, Rossonu 2159, Senno 2135, Sharkovshchina 2154, Shchuchin 1514, Shklov 2239, Shumilino 2130, Slavgorod 2246, Slonim 1562, Slutsk 1795, Smolevichi 1776, Smorgon 1592, Soligorsk 1710, Starye Dorogi 1792, Stolbtsu 1717, Stolin 1655, Svetlogorsk 2342, Svisloch 1513, Tolochin 2136, Ushachi 2158, Uzda 1718, Verhnedvinsk 2151, Vetka 2330, Vileyka 1771, Vitebsk 212, Volkovusk 1512, Volozhin 1772, Voronovo 1594, Zelva 1564, Zhabinka 1641, Zhitkovichi 2353, Zhlobin 2334, Zhodino 1775

Communications: Belarus

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Telephones - main lines in use:
3.672 million (2007)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
6.96 million (2007)
Telephone system:
general assessment: Belarus lags behind its neighbors in upgrading telecommunications infrastructure; state-owned Beltelcom, is the sole provider of fixed line local and long distance service; modernization of the network to digital switching progressing slowly
domestic: fixed line penetration is improving although rural areas continue to be underserved; 4 GSM wireless networks are experiencing rapid growth; strict government controls on telecommunications technologies
international: country code - 375; Belarus is a member of the Trans-European Line (TEL), Trans-Asia-Europe (TAE) fiber-optic line, and has access to the Trans-Siberia Line (TSL); 3 fiber-optic segments provide connectivity to Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine; worldwide service is available to Belarus through this infrastructure; additional analog lines to Russia; Intelsat, Eutelsat, and Intersputnik earth stations
Radio broadcast stations:
AM 28, FM 37, shortwave 11
Television broadcast stations:
47 (plus 27 repeaters)
Internet country code:
Internet hosts:
68,118 (2008)
Internet users:
6 million (2007)

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